Alien systray icons are not rendered in KDE systray

Hi! Last week or two have got the problem all not-KDE-native systray icons and few KDE's ones are... transparent (say, GoldenDict, Telegram, KMail, keyboard layout..). That is icons are not rendered but take place in system tray and are clickable. The issue is not 100% reproducible. Sometimes session relogging in helps, sometimes doesn't...

Have you ideas where to push and pull?

What desktop theme are you using aka Plasma Style ?

Breeze is in use. Nothing unusual.

Same issue here with two systray icons being transparent. I'm running the same global theme, application styles, and Icons since before this behavior started.

Global theme - Gently
Application Style GTK2 / GTK3 - Aritim-Dark-GTK
Icons - GT3EX

I have the same problem. Using breath theme. It's pretty annoying if you have plenty of non-kde icons on the system tray.

To solve it temporarily I've been clearing the icon cache (~/.cache/icon-cache.kcache) and rebooting. Not sure if it solves anything but it's been consistent.

The only other post that I've seen with the same problem is:

Also Journald spits errors about the system tray consistently:

plasmashell file:///usr/share/plasma/plasmoids/org.kde.plasma.private.systemtray/contents/ui/items/StatusNotifierItem.qml: ReferenceError: Icon is not defined

Have tried the trick with cache (yes, it does help sometimes):

  • boot in terminal
  • remove ~/.cache/*
  • reboot

Unfortunately the trick hasn't helped. Logout/login (this time) has helped.

Doesn't work. Going to have to create a thread on the KDE forums since no one here really wants to address this.

You can see in the top row of icons in the systray there are two spaces, those are actually qBittorrent and Night Color. There is also a very faint one in the bottom row that is GWE aka Green With Envy.

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