"Albert" now crash after use - new update today August 9

I have always use this launcher for a long time but after today update, it crash after the first request. This last update didn’t go very well.

If you don’t tell us the error / outputs, no one can help you, just FYI

You can launch the program in the terminal and see the output.

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Yes you are right. This is what happen after the first query. (start from a terminal)

[fatal:default] SQL ERROR: INSERT INTO execution (query_id, handler_id, runtime) VALUES (:query_id, :handler_id, :runtime); UNIQUE constraint failed: execution.query_id, execution.handler_id Unable to fetch row – [(null)]

Did you rebuild albert as it’s an AUR package?

I mean I got it from pamac AUR which build it for me.

Yeah, but you need to rebuild it after updating the system.

Yes that was it. I remove the app, cleanup the home directory and reinstall it. It’s fine now. Wow does it mean that I have to rebuilt every AUR packages after an update ?

Likely yes. At least if they stop working. :wink:

Houba Houba, thanks …

You shouldn’t have to for EVERY AUR package. I have 20+ AUR packages installed that I don’t have to keep reinstalling after an update.

It is probably how that specific package reacts to updates from our repo.

There is a very good tool called rebuild-detector in the Community repo. Install the application then run checkrebuild this will give you a list of packages that need to be rebuilt.

If you use yay, this will also automatically run at the end of every yay session and tell you if anything needs to be rebuilt.