After yesterday monthly update tray items isn't working

Tray items are empty, then I go to config: General and Entries aren’t accessible.

KSystemLog show:
15.05.2024 06:10 plasmashell file:///usr/lib/qt6/qml/org/kde/kirigami/PageRow.qml:1078: Error: Error while loading page: file:///home/nikit/.local/share/plasma/plasmoids/org.kde.plasma.private.systemtray/contents/ui/ConfigGeneral.qml:11 module “org.kde.plasma.core” version 2.1 is not installed

Fully up to date?

Cleared configs?

Read the announcement (or related) threads?

Cleared cache, config and so on.
No related topics.
As log shown, it’s require: module “org.kde.plasma.core” version 2.1

You have a widget that’s not compatible with Plasma 6 and it calls plasma-framework5.

Remove all your old widgets and test with clean account.

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Thank you! Yeah, I think about it, and found only one widget (processor thermal widget), removing doesn’t help.

I have already broken something in Manjaro trying to fix it (bugs and bugs).
So I made full reinstall Manjaro — sad, but faster.