After upgrade and reboot the system does not recognise the network device

After upgrade and reboot the system can not see the network device.

I just upgraded and rebooted my system, latest stable kernel version 6. Now, it says that I do not have a network device.

When I run ‘inxi -n’ I get the result “no pci device data found”.

Any ideas how I can get my system online again? (Writing this from my phone)

( there are at least 3 major kernel 6 series available - 6.1(LTS), 6.6(LTS), 6.7(RC) )
(( its also possible you have another one installed, which is likely end-of-life, such as 6.5 ))

But instead of relying on that we could use reporting tools;

inxi -Fazy

Probably mhwd too (for drivers)

mhwd -li -l

And mhwd-kernel (for, er, kernels)

mhwd-kernel -li
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Thanks for your reply, @cscs! I appreciate your help.

Weirdly enough, the network started working again. What I did was rebooting into kernel 6.5.13, to check if that made any difference. It did not. So, I rebooted once more, and chose kernel 6.6.7 again. And now, by some unknown reason to me, the network is working fine again. So I am writing this post from my PC.

Maybe something was “stuck” after upgrade, that was completed after doing this process? I have no idea…

If this happens again, after another restart, I will report back. However, I hope all is good now, and this was nothing but a “glitch in the Matrix”.

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The 6.6.7 kernel release fixed an apparent regression in previous kernel versions, that caused issues with WiFi for many users. This was mentioned in the Stable Update 2023-12-10 announcement Broken Wifi with 6.1.66 and 6.6.5 kernels.

If you are using WiFi, choosing the 6.6.7 kernel is likely the reason for this magical transformation. Are you using WiFi? :magic_wand: :sunny:

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Yes, @soundofthunder. I am using WiFi, so that might be it. Thanks for this info.

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