After update system wont boot, grub-update not detecting system, even though i am chrooted into it

Hello, i run into a bit of a difficulty
Yesterday, I was updating and i know, i should have done it from tty but oh well… here’s what happened:
While updating, apparently gnome crashed (i got the something went wrong screen), so i try and reboot. I immediately noticed that the grub menu theme changed a bit (i assume there was a grub update?). I have manjaro and ubuntu installed on my laptop, so i pick manjaro from the grub menu and i get an error message saying that “version too old for 32 bit boot” or something like that. So i boot in from a live usb, use “manjaro-chroot -a” which finds both of my manjaro and ubuntu, i chroot into manjaro, i finnish the update with “pacman -Syyu”, finishes nicely, so i go and run update-grub, and to my surprise, it only finds my ubuntu system, and not manjaro (which im currently chrooted into)
trying to fix this in the meantime i installed a newer kernel (before i only had linux419, now also linux59) but grub still does not recognize the installation. The grub menu now only lists ubuntu.
Is there a way out of this mess? Thanks in advance!

While chroot’d try to rebuild the image and update grub again.

'sudo mkinitcpio -P && sudo update-grub`

sadly, that did not work :cry:

allright, after spending a day on forums failing to fix my mess im reinstalling the system and getting on with my life, lesson learned i guess :frowning: