After update compiling kernel only uses 1 cpu

After i updated everything now compiling a kernel takes like 6+ hours, it only uses one thread, i got 12 threads available, the previous version used all cores when compiling and only took 1 hour.
What’s wrong, where do i need to look to fix this?

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When you run the make command, you can add a -jX parameter, where X is how many threads you want to use. So you can run:

make -j12

If you want to use all 12 (may want to leave a couple open to be used)

Source: The Linux bible

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yes i know that’s in terminal, i use pamac to install the kernel anywhere i need to check to fix it?

create ~/.config/pacman/makepkg.conf and set key MAKEFLAGS in this file

man makepkg.conf

You could have said that to begin with. What custom kernel are you compiling and why?

This is what I use:


That will use all available threads and queue the next job for when a thread becomes available. That way, no threads become idle looking for the next job.

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Thank you, i found it and now it’s cooking again :smiley:

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