After update boot hangs after grub without any screen output

After update boot hangs. After grub entry selection no change of screen output. Last update on Jan 03 had been successful.

Not even success with older kernels in grub menu. I assume the update process created buggy initramfs images.

Tried Live ISO and manjaro-chroot and “mhwd-kernel -i …”, but the command seems to support uefi boot configuration only (no targets found …). My boot disk sda is still MBR style. So I restored “/” and “/boot” from fresh backup.

I hesitate to change the boot type to UEFI, including conversion of disk type from “dos” (MBR) to “gpt”.

Would have there been the possibility of choosing MBR based handling from Live ISO environment?

Have you aborted the update process?

and you are right
Why would you want to do that?
It worked before.
For UEFI boot you need to change several things.
Not the least of it is: you need an extra efi partition.

No, everything was fine. Documentation of update process by means of “script” shows no problems.

At least you could try to boot from your firmware the non-UEFI entry to boot the live ISO in BIOS mode. By the way, I have a BIOS/MBR triple boot system and can repair what I want with all recent Manjaro live ISO’s (not often needed though).

Only for the ability of repairing things out of Live ISO environment.

I will try that, if there is such entry. Thanks.

that will work just as well, whether UEFI or not

SOLVED. Cause was the weak CMOS battery. It kept date and time but didn’t recognize SATA devices correctly.

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