After update 2022-05-23 Context menu outside the application icon or the icon does not appear

Manjaro Gnome installed. After installing Telegram and Bittorrent from the official repository with the active extension “AppIndicator and KStatusNotifierItem Support” there is a problem with the icons. The Bittorrent icon does not appear at all, the telegram icon is displayed, but when you right-click, the context menu appears randomly across the screen, instead of being displayed next to the icon.
Screen ibb. co/kmcSXTL (remove spaces next to dot)

Hello @ak142 and welcome :wink:

telegram and qbittorrent are both QT Applications. You run Gnome, which runs by default GTK Applications. While QT also works, it does not perfectly integrate there.

Maybe use the Layout Switcher and switch to Traditional. Maybe that changes something.


Hello @megavolt
When loading I use Wayland, if I switch to Xorg, everything works correctly. Maybe you need to additionally install some packages so that QT applications are displayed correctly on Wayland?

Ah well, then I can imagine that the xorg applications have difficulties to set the position inside wayland client while running in xorg as backend. That must be addressed upstream to the wayland devs or the application devs or gnome devs. No idea. It is a little bug.

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