After trying to shutdown the computer via the terminal it won't show the login screen again

So I tried to shutdown a Manjaro KDE Plasma installation via the terminal but now that I try to boot up again, it goes well until the part where the login screen should appear and is instead replaced with a black screen. I can still se my mouse but nothing else, everything of the login screen that should appear does not and it’s just black. The specific command I issued is:

sudo shutdown now

Does anybody know how to fix this?

Ok so after trying to boot like 5 times, it fixed itself. Any clarification or explanation is still welcomed tho I’m curious wtf I just did. I’m definitively not doing this again.

Which comand did you use to shutdown the computer ?

OP said ‘sudo shutdown now’

Actually, I’d have thought ‘sudo shutdown -h now’ would be the one to use, however, simply pulling up krunner and typing ‘shutdown’ works fine… as do ‘halt’ and ‘poweroff’.

The safe and proper way is the use of
systemctl poweroff
to shut down and
systemctl reboot
to safely restart the system.
More about on systemd - ArchWiki

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as @Ben noticed, the “-h” option is needed to flush all caches before shutting down and will prevent breaking the os.

It would also be trivial to add these to a script and map them to a shortcut (Keyboard and/or Mouse).

I’m pretty sure that typing ‘poweroff’ is calling the same function that ‘shutdown -P’ does - being a backward compatible command… but generally I just put mine to sleep at the tap of a shortcut.

well, if you look in /usr/bin for reboot, poweroff, shutdown all 3 are symlinks that point to the systemctl binary, but instead of using the systemd service protocols like systemd-reboot.service it will straight forward do that and the devices might not be properly unmounted.
also there is plasma-shutdown in /usr/bin, and there is the systemd-shutdown in /usr/lib/systemd that play a role …


That’s interesting - especially as I have 5 SATA disks plugged in.