After the update, the sound disappeared in firefox

There is sound in the Opera, there is sound in the mp3 player.I looked at the firefox settings . Sound and video has been installed “off” in browser settings. After put on this option the sound appeared for a while. However, even with the resolution of audio and video, the sound disappeared again after a while. Video works regardless of whether it is allowed or not

What have you tried so far? Have you tried with a clean profile? Have you done a “refresh FF” through about:support? Have you tried disabling extensions to see if you have an uncooperative extension?

I made updates on offer of Pamac10.2.2-5. There are no incompatible apps. I think the “On-Off Audio and Video” engine in the browser is not working properly

I will try to remove the FF that was installed with the system and install it from the tarball. But I cant remove firefox
:: removing firefox breaks dependency ‘firefox>=94.0.1’ required by firefox-i18n-en-us

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Don’t install software from external places please, it will just break things, if you do that then the system can’t keep track of the software etc…
Always use the package manager if possible

If possible please answer to this

What should I do if the applications do not work correctly?

Follow and read what the people are saying in replies to your post

I answered this question: see above

Make sure it’s not caused by extension or by your Firefox settings, meaning try to create new clean profile and see if the audio works

You’d better explain to me why firefox doesn’t work . And I’m not worried about the system: I can install a Arch Linux

Well, I don’t care about that,
I am just here trying to help you fix the audio issue but you’re not listening

If you decide to actually listen:

When you open Firefox and enter into url bar
about:profiles it will show you a page where you can create new clean profile and then click launch the profile in new browser and try the audio from there

Thanks. Better explain why firefox is not deleted
:: removing firefox breaks dependency ‘firefox>=94.0.1’ required by firefox-i18n-en-us

It literally tells you why you can’t remove Firefox


It is not normal.I have not met this either Arch, Freebsd, Debian, RedHat

Probably I’ll put it back on Arch Linux. It is clearer and more reliable .Forks in any Linux are less reliable and stable than the base system

In the meantime, I built a package google-chrome by using git and AUR and installed it. Sound works fine

And I nevertheless deleted firefox in shamanic way
sudo pacman -R --nodeps --nodeps firefox

Therefore, I like, for example, installing freebsd from ports: the system is compiled on your computer, on your hardware