After the system is updated, the software font becomes blurred

After the system is updated, the fonts of some software, such as Google Chrome, vscode, onlyoffice and other software not provided by the system become blurred. However, the software provided by the system, such as Firefox, is clear and normal

How did I find the problem?
Two days ago, I updated the system. The next day, this problem occurred. I used the reinstall font and the graphics card driver, but it still couldn’t be solved. Reluctantly, I reinstalled the manjaro Gnome system with the U disk of the previous installation system. The version is 21.3.0. However, after the system update, the problem reappeared, so I suspect that the problem should be caused by the system update.

PS: my computer has a high refresh rate and a high-resolution screen. When searching for related problems on the Internet, someone mentioned that the problem of blurred fonts may occur on the high-resolution screen.

Hi @clstilmldy, and welcome!

Perhaps this helps:

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Thank you for your suggestions. I have implemented the above steps one by one, but still can’t solve the problem.

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Then I don’t have the answer. Sorry.


Perhaps someone else does.

Even if I download the latest ISO image and reinstall the system, the same problem will still occur: after I execute
sudo pacman - Syyu
and restart the computer, the font of the software will still become blurred.

It seems that I should not execute sudo pacman - Syyu :sob:

Hrmmmm…just a random suggestion: try the update with pamac:

pamac upgrade --enable-downgrade --aur --devel

I have absolutely NO idea if it’ll work, but perhaps it does…


Thank you for your advice, but after I implemented it and restarted, I still failed.
At present, it seems that I cannot use sudo pacman - Syuu after reinstalling the system, otherwise the above problems will occur.
Howerver, two weeks ago, I was still able to run this command. It seems that this problem is really related to the system update.

Well, like I said, I could only point you at the Wiki. Only other thing I can do, is point you here:

and here:

Sorry I can’t be of more help.