After switching videocard from AMD to Nvidia got a black screen


I’ve recently bought Nvidia RTX 2070 super and when I switched from AMD r9 380 to this new I got a black screen (with some visual artefacts) while booting to Manjaro.
I have dual boot with windows 10.

Tried to boot from life usb. Changed driver in menu to nonfree and it booted successfully.
Is there any way to fix my current installation without re-installing Manjaro?

Do you have nvidia-450xx-utils installed?

Is there any way to know it if I can’t boot?
But I think it’s not installed. Because I just switched videocards.

You might be able to get to a terminal from which you can log in by hitting CTRL + ALT + F2.

You’ll also need the correct kernel drivers: linux5[468]-rt-nvidia-450xx. Which one will depend upon which kernel you’re running. uname -r should tell you.

Try to chroot from booted live system by entering in a terminal window:

sudo manjaro-chroot -a (select 1 if only one line is offered)
mhwd -a pci nonfree 0300

and reboot normally.

P.S.: It’s usually better to use the Manjaro Harware Detection utility (mhwd) if possible to install graphic drivers as it takes care on all required modules and packages.

Thank you guys! It was really helpful!

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No, it’s the proper way :slight_smile:

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