After stable update 2024-03-13 system fails to shutdown

The ‘versioning’ may be a little less than intuitive.

Especially in the opensource profiles like video-linux there is very little difference required over the years.
It still encompasses the drivers like nouveau and those parameters havent really change since… 2018?
Which is not the same as the actual package versions.

What instruction?

…is not instructed there.

It manages drivers via profiles. See Manjaro Hardware Detection - Manjaro

No, there are no packages as video-linux is a profile for video drivers already included with the kernel.

Okay, I think that gdm version was the initial issue. There were 2 messages about gdm so I marked one of them as Solution. If I could, I’d mark both.
Thanks a lot everyone who shared their priceless knowledge, I learnt some new things.

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