After Stable Update 2021-01-21 Megapixels app exhibits Memory Reference Error

Hello kind people. As the title states, after the last update, I have a demonstrably in-acquiescent error within the Megapixels application. This error manifests itself; the application closes when I attempt to take a photo from the application camera capture. Running Megapixels from the terminal gives the error (when the capture button is pressed):

Dropped frame at capture
/tmp/megapixels.tGjD8D/0.dng: Failed to allocate memory for custom tag binary object (-389220040 elements of 1 bytes each).
TIFF version 20191103
megapixels: tif_dirwrite.c:3071: TIFFWriteDirectoryTagData: Assertion `datalength<0x80000000UL' failed.
Aborted (core dumped)

Any help with this error would be greatly appreciated. If there are any logs or details that you would need to solve the problem, I would be happy to provide them posthaste.

I can confirm it and there is also a bug report:

Let me see if i can find something about.

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Thank you @bogdancovaciu. You’re a legend. I’ll have a gander at this bug report. Let me know what you come up with.

Edit: That link mentions that it is the upgrade of libtiff that causes the error. Would a rollback of this library ameliorate the issue? Would this simply cause more problems?

After discussing with the team it seems downgrade is not a option to work on ARM at this moment and someone might take a look if something can be done in that regard, but now is not a priority. packages need a rebuild once there is a fix. Right now i’m also testing the stable image of pasma-mobile …

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No worries @bogdancovaciu . Keep us posted