After recent update (08/09/2020) pacman will not show custom repo

Basically after the big update. pamac will not show chaotic-aur. The apps i installed from chaotic-aur before are now listed in pamac from the AUR source. And tells me I have updates because its ignoring chaotic-aur repo, so its confused.

Link is picture to see what im talking about.
No chaotic-aur apps are in pamac! What is going on?
I did the update in a vm also and it did the same thing

Whats the content of your /etc/pacman.conf?

Forum isnt letting me post. Copy the link from the first post and that has a picture. To see what is going on.

Maybe Pamac does check it, but presents updates, because there are newer packages available in the AUR?
@guinux will know for sure.

Pamac always showed the chaotic-aur when updates. also 4kvideodownloader is in the ignore section. Until the update it always was ignored. Now its not.

And pamac doesnt show any chaotic-aur apps.

Looks like the issue isnt with update. After a lot of searching, looks like the custom repo I use “chaotic-aur” did some automatic task that accidentaly wiped half it’s packages.