After Proprietary Drivers

after installing nvidia Proprietary Drivers do i need to remove the other drivers like for example = video-Linux driver,video-modesetting , video-vesa ?
Or can I leave them _ or is there a place where to tell the system which drivers to use or does it simply use the Proprietary driver by default ?

Ideally is to remove first, then install, but yes, if is about a supported Nvidia GPU trough the proprietary drivers, then those drivers can be installed by default if you chose at install to use the nonfree drivers in the Grub menu of live media installer.

i installed manjaro , then started up the pc ,then did the software update and then went to hardware and installed the proprietary driver, so if i remove those other 3 in the screenshot it won’t crash the system or anything? , sorry of my questions seem dumb im new to manjaro

You can safely remove video-linux.

thank you very much :grin:

normally it doesn’t matter as the proprietary drives always block the free drivers from loading anyway.

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