After package update: sddm-greeter dumps core


Hi :slight_smile:

I updated my Manjaro-Arm packages today (last update was done about 5 days ago) and now when the system boots up instead of the graphical login screen I get a black screen. The boot process works fine and the system is up, only the graphical login fails to start.

journaltcl --since=today reveals the cause:

ssdm-greeter[719]: Cannot mix incompatible Qt library (version 0x50c00) with this library (version 0x50c01)

systemd-coredump[726]: Process 719 (sddm-greeter) of user 994 dumped core

Since I have no graphical desktop I tried to see if I missed a package update by running: pacman -Syu but it it says: “there is nothing to do” So my system is up to date, but this update seems to have caused a mix of incompatible libraries to be installed.


Same thing happened with Manjaro32, sddm probably needs a rebuild against updated Qt packages.


Could be. But I noticed that lots of qt5 packages did not get updated in our repo when qt5-base did.
Like qt5-declerative did not get updated. Which sddm depends on.
So i just tried pushing that update first, to see if that fixes it.


Just updated the rest of the qt5 packages in the repo.
Please do another update, when our mirror has synced. :slight_smile:


I just did: pacman -Syu and it fixed the problem. Thank you guys :slight_smile: