After Nvidia update, resume from sleep is irrevertably broken

After upgrading to Nvidia 550 (I reasoned that I could downgrade if needed), every second resume from hibernation greets me with a freeze. Sometimes there’ll be a login prompt, sometimes I can actually get in, but it’ll invariably stop functioning. I cannot TTY to a terminal, and Yakuake and Konsole lose access to commands like ls and shutdown, so the only way to fix it is to force power off, after which the computer will immediately reboot itself though I didn’t ask it to. This is the closest I’ve been able to find: Resume from Suspend Freezes Intermittently, USB dies, black screen, no SSH, but there is nothing between suspend and force restart in journalctl. Downgrading back to 440 does not fix the issue, it is now impossible to open NVidia settings. Not even Timeshift reverts whatever changes have been made. Do I have to reinstall the system?