After loading the kernel, the monitor displays "Cable not detected "(Radeon R9 380)

Hello, OS Manjaro does not see the R9 380 video card. I can only boot with the “nomodeset” flag in grub. DE - Kde. And it comes out to load only in tty

Hi did you check these topics?

I looked at it, but it didn’t help me. I tried to register “xinit”, but swore that the flag was loaded

It is not a single post…

But anyway, it could be that the driver is not included in the default install, you should try booting with the free drivers and then check for what drivers are available using manjaro’s Hardware configurator (GUI).

You could provide the output of the below command between ``` (on separate lines):

  • mhwd -l

That way others might be able to help you more…

installed via the wrong computer, as I will be next to send you the output

Keep in mind that i might not be able to help you, i’m just trying to help you to help others to help you better :wink: