After launching mpv player latte dock always stays on top

When I launch mpv player latte dock tends to be on top of all applications even after closing mpv player, please help

No idea - I set my menu/globalmenu/title Latte to dodge active, so Latte will come up over a window if I use a different one - that means if I have MPV or Plex playing in a corner and browse in Firefox, I need to set it to ‘dodge all windows’ or I rotate them.

I have a clock on one, and that’s on demand - so it’s always on top if I don’t hide it - and the systray/tasks is set to dodge everything, so it won’t appear unless I mouse the corner…

Your issue is rather different, and rather strange… so I don’t know.

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I agree my issue is strange no one knows the solution yet, thanks for the reply though

Normally with Latte problems, I rename the folder in ~/.config (usually I have both ‘latte’ and ‘latte.bak’ side by side so I can do a quick copy back if there’s a problem) and set it up fresh, or try re-importing a profile… MPV is a normal window so I don’t understand - unless kwin is set to put it always below or something.

Are you using xorg or wayland?

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I am using x11