After latest upgrade luks/btrfs based system boots into system boot firmware console instead of linux

Hi everyone:

I have a Asus Vivobook 15 laptop. I can’t recall whether I installed stable, testing, etc… of Manjaro.

It used to be, when I booted it would ask me for my passphrase, then like reboot the system (I’d see the boot firmware’s splash screen) then it would come up in linux.

Now I type in the pass phrase and it reboots into the computer’s firmware boot console (e.g. bios, but I think this is uefi), e.g. the place where you can do all the hardware settings.

I booted up a rescue and I can open and read the partition’s content like normal with cryptosetup/mount/ls, etc…

how do I get this thing booting properly?

Reinstall grub: GRUB/Restore the GRUB Bootloader - Manjaro

didn’t work.

I need to know exactly how to debug the boot process.

Like why, after opening the “slot” does it go back to my boot firmware?

Other videos and stuff I see online don’t do that. It just boots linux up after you type in your pass phrase.

But for me it was doing that BEFORE the upgrade too, just now, instead of then booting into linux, it goes into the boot firmware console/settings page

  1. UEFI Boot Loader → unencrypted EFI Partition → Loads the Grub-bootloader → asks password
  2. Grub can also boot into the firmware

Therefore, if no Linux Kernel is listed at the grub boot menu, then it chooses what is there: UEFI.

What is the partition / filesystem layout?


How did you do the steps linked by @megavolt ? In a chroot environment?

At any point do you ever see the actual graphical Grub menu? You can try holding left Shift (or spamming the Up and Down arrow keys before it automatically boots into the BIOS.

Or rather, do you see the Grub menu before it prompts for the LUKS passphrase?