After latest update no bluetooth


my bluetooth settins and manager disappeared please help. im on the testing branch

Not to sound mean or something but…
If you don’t know how to solve problems yourself, you should NOT be running the testing branch…

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i meant bluetooth im sorry

yo no need to be a dick… i have a back up on a different branch maybe im testing it so i can help? why are you so negative?

Im just stating the facts, not being negative at all.
Im leaving you alone now because of your attitude.

Also not to sound mean but when using a testing branch it is expected to be able to do some diagnosing yourself. Mostly for the purpose of being able to provide feedback that others need to be able to help and to provide solutions for issues you encounter as a tester in the Testing Updates

The usual requirements for support still apply so edit the first post with some relevant output :

I’ve been troubleshooting it for about 20 minutes… i was just asking for advice to see what others think is this not the point of a forum? being mad disrespectful to me for no reason

you’re assuming i dont and being rude which is messed up and uncalled for i have been using linux for a while i like using testing so i can help and also learn i asked for opinions not to be bullied THANKS. i like being on testing to help manjaro better :c

you’re the one being rude… i was attacked for asking for help on a forum and you assumed i didnt research anything first it was quite rude and immature

What have you done so far? it would be weird to ask you to do the same thing twice and we cannot guess what you have done.

This is the point, you have been given advice on the basis of your posts.

This was not my and I am sure also no the intention of @TriMoon , please consider that text is not that great in conveying information that requires context and a lot of context is missed with just text, not everyone is out there to ‘disrespect’ you when you don’t like the text they type. We are not being rude and are not bullying, the reply is short and stating the situation as we see it.

i sent a picture… im sorry

Using just the text would be great since that way it can be searched and indexed later.

What I would do to find out why this happens:

The service seems to fail on a nonexistant directory.
When I try to navigate there by hand it does not exist on my system

/sys/class $ cd bluetooth                                                                                                                                                                               ✔ 
cd: no such file or directory: bluetooth

(I presume it does not on your system, it would be good to check)

The /sys/ folder is something special (more on this here )

The source of the skip could be that the device is not recognized for some reason and thus not present in the /sys/class/bluetooth folder (I have no BT device so for me it is empty) This is my guess at the moment.

A device that is not recognosed could be a hardware issue, a kernel issue, config issue. Providing the info in the linked post (how to request support) specifically the text output of
inxi -Fazy General system information
journalctl --boot --priority=3 the boot log of the current session with just errors of your machine.

btw: Thanks for testing, it helps everyone and it is appreciated.

i used to be able to just click it on

it worked fine after the update it just randomly disappeared

That there is no BT device is evident from the screenshot, if you provide the data as requested in post above in the right format, users of this forum can help you.

Now we know that there is no BT device on your system but we cannot ‘see’ your system so cannot be of any help at this time.

Just to make sure…


Even if you did, there are issues with BlueTooth adapters that will not reinitialize unless you fully shut down then boot up again.