After last upgrade: log in screen changed, icons disappered, font in console changed and cursor has position issue

Hi, here you are my pacman -Qm :

abook 0.6.1-7
apfs-fuse-git r97.1f041d7-1
autojump-git 22.5.3.r0.g06e082c-6
crunch 3.6-1
extundelete 0.2.4-1
findimagedupes 2.20.1-1
font-bh-ttf 1.0.4-1
gnome-icon-theme 3.12.0-7
gnome-icon-theme-symbolic 3.12.0-6
gphotofs 0.5-3
hfsprogs 540.1.linux3-4
hostapd-wpe 2.10.0-1
joplin-appimage 2.11.11-1
mailcheck 1.91.2-3
nethack4 4.3.0.beta2-2
openssl-1.0 1.0.2.u-6
otf-futura-renner 1-2
plasma5-applets-eventcalendar 76-1
python-mistune1 0.8.4-4
qt4 4.8.7-35
rbenv 1.2.0-1
recoverjpeg 2.6.3-1
ruby-revdev 0.2.1-2
simplenote-electron-bin 2.21.0-1
simplescreenrecorder 0.4.4-2
swisseph 2.10.02-1
tasksh 1.2.0-2
termite 16.6-1
ttf-charis-sil 6.200-1
ttf-crosextra 2013.02.14-2
ttf-nanum 2018-1
tuxboot 1:0.8-1
urlview 0.9-13
vdfuse 82a-12
whatsapp-for-linux 1.6.3-1
xorg-font-utils 7.6-6

As in the title, the system became very weird, change of the login screen (not first time after upgrade),
yakuake changed the font and the position of the cursor is four or five space away.
I’ve create a new account to check if problem is user related but, on login, I reach the old login page with only my main account available. Then I login and I’m facing the system with the problem I exposed. So, the new account it actually address me to the old one. Weird.
Any suggestion ? Thank you

First - an update never changes your personal files - that is files stored in /home/$USER

Misbehaving desktop layout may be caused by a custom theme if the plasma backend has changed.

Such mishavior is usually best fixed by applying the default Manjaro or Breeze theme.


You can change the font by editing the profile, but the issue with a change in terminal fonts in Plasma is already old — it was due to some font packages being replaced — which suggests that you hadn’t updated your system in months. This is not a good strategy in rolling releases like Manjaro.

P.S.: Your profile says you’re using XFCE. Perhaps better update that, so that people would be better able to help you. :wink:

before updating the system. :stuck_out_tongue:


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Actually I’ve update my system the 31st of May, and also I had some problems (check here).
Now changing to Breeze theme do not work, my icons are still missing and my display manager changed.

There have been three major updates to Manjaro Stable since then, and the previous one — 2023.07.10 — was a huge update. I will admit that I’m running a fairly well-equipped system here, but that particular update replaced some 750 packages from the repositories alone — I’m not even going to get into the AUR stuff — worth over 11 GiB of space on my SSD once everything was installed.

That particular update also implemented the merger of the Community repo into the Extra repo, necessitating some manual intervention — rebuilding the package lists and updating the mirrors.

Although it is in theory possible to skip a few updates if you absolutely know what you’re doing, it is not the recommended strategy when using a rolling-release distribution like Manjaro, and especially not if one isn’t already an experienced user of said distribution.

Thanks, I usually do whatever update my system is asking to do and I periodically run pacman & co. every time I turn on my laptop.
I’m here to try to solve the actual problem, honestly knowing how many updates were in the last weeks is not helping me a lot. Maybe it will help in the future, for niw, any major insight on how to solve the issue? :slight_smile:

The point is that there were important changes imparted by those updates — and especially so the 2023.07.10 update — which needed some manual intervention, and by not having tended to those issues, you have now created a bigger problem for yourself.

For now, all I can suggest you do is change the font in the Konsole profile — Yakuake uses Konsole in the background. You may have to create a new profile and make that the default before you can apply any changes.

You may also want to clean out the cache, but you’ll have to do this from a tty while completely logged out of Plasma. Log out of Plasma — you have to be looking at the login screen — and then switch to a tty with Ctrl+Alt+F3. Log in there with your regular username and password and then issue the following command… :arrow_down:

rm -rf ~/.cache/*

It’s not strictly necessary to reboot after this, but for good measure, just reboot the system… :arrow_down:

sudo systemctl reboot

This should take care of any icon issues, although next time you open Dolphin it will then take a little longer to load all the thumbnails for your files because it has to rebuild the cache.

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Thank you, it seems slowly rebuilding all the icons…

I was wrong, icons are still missing. the rm -rf ]/.cache/* method do not work for me.

Try… :arrow_down:

kbuildsycoca5 --noincremental

Don’t run that with sudo, by the way.