After last update: pamac list -m is showing up ALL packages

Greetings everybody!

I’m new to this forum. I have also only limited experience with manjaro, so I hope my question is not too bad :slight_smile:

Normally I update my system with pamac update. I though have few programs installed via AUR. So sometimes I use pamac update -a, which I did last night. After the update my system runs good as always, but pamac list -m is now showing up ALL packages though it should only show the foreign packages from AUR, right? Why is that? Did I break the system? What can I do?

Thank you for any advice.

Live long and prosper :vulcan_salute:

pamac is broken at the moment.

Use pacman -Qm to list all foreign packages.

Thanks, this is giving me the right results! So should I also use pacman instead of pamac to do my updates?

Thank you.

That explains why sudo pacman -Syu reports no errors while pamac upgrade gives me 5000 warnings (aur SHOULD be disabled unless -a flag, and the warnings are not about the AUR, just pointing out that I dont try to update AUR this way).

My community repository is still showing, but seems empty though.
Tried removing it with sudo pacman -Sc but it is still there.

I guess I give it some more time before starting to fiddle with it then.