After last update I got an error on login screen

Hello, last night there was an update in Manjaro which I did. everything was fine. Then I restarted my PC and I was welcomed with some default login screen GUI which was telling me that there is an error loading my theme. Error was something like this: the current theme cannot be loaded, main.qml was not found.

I used breath2 theme before update (or was it breath 2021, I can’t remember), and after this happened I was able to login to desktop, and when I checked the Themes section in settings there was no breath2 theme. After researching on google I found out there is something about GIT, I mean they mentioned GIT. Then I searched in Software Center for breath2 theme, and in AUR repository I found breath2-git package. I installed it and everything went back to normal. I got back my theme, my login screen repaired, everything got back like it was before.

So my question is if I did it correct? Should I be using that theme? Or maybe install it from official manjaro repository (which I first searched for), but could not find it there. And would it break like this on the next update too? Or how to prevent this from happening?

I have one more problem and I will ask it here in order not to open new topic. While doing this, before instaling breath2-git, I tried to backup some important data that I had, from my Home folder to another Hard Drive on my System that is formated on NTFS. But I could not copy/paste files. I mean I could copy them, but when I right click somewhere on that drive there was no paste option. Drag and drop also did not work. I know it might be something about permission. Also last update might not broke this, since I don’t remember when this problem happened, could be way before it, so I can’t tell, because I didn’t use that Drive since installing Manjaro 2 weeks ago. I will post some screenshots of permission tabs:

There is a migration of theme packages going on. See here: Testers needed: Manjaro KDE massive cleanup/rename


No, you should use Breath.

Ok, thanks for replay. This is what I ended up with. I uninstalled breath2-git. Installed plasma5-themes-breath. And this is what settings I used.


So, is it correct now? And final question, is there a way to make this selected area Dark, like I had it before?

Thanks, and sorry for this.

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This color scheme is moved to Breath Classic package, it’s not it repos yet so for now you can download and install it manually from colors/BreathClassic.colors · classic · Artwork / themes / Breath Theme · GitLab

Thanks a lot man, it did the trick. Now the only thing that remains is why I can’t copy files to my second hard drive xD

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