After Last Update, Baloo Is Misbehaving?


Running Manjaro KDE fully updated on the “Testing” branch.
After last update, Baloo is misbehaving?
It’s taking alot of CPU and RAM?
Any ideas?


Deaktivate it! Btw: I keep reading here about problems that just don’t happen in Arch. Strange, when Arch is the unpolished base …

It is normal that Baloo needs some time to index after a new installation. After that it has calmed down. But actually nobody really needs this indexing.

baloo is a troublemaker, if you are not using it, disable it as @anon34875060 suggests …
and is that your full name in the screenshot? dont think thats a good idea…

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Seems to have quieted down…
…I’ll enter the witness protection program now…

It can actually be tuned with regard to what it’s indexing. On my system, I have it set up to index the names of the files, but not their content, and I’m also excluding certain directory paths from being indexed. :arrow_down:


I had this issue some years ago and ended up just deactivating, deleting, then restarting it. With an SSD it shouldn’t need long… but it works best if you leave it running and stop using the desktop whilst it initialises.

Look at ‘file search’ in the menu, and be sure you haven’t got hidden files checked - that will let baloo loose on all the CACHE’d stuff and then you’re in trouble.

If that’s not the issue, then turn off file content and see how that works…

I haven’t paid any attention to it for over a year now, though very occasionally it might come into the top ten CPU users when I’m not doing anything.

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Baloo just has too many issue that crop up every couple of months. It truly isn’t worth the hassle. Just go into setting and disable it. You have Kfind by KDE, ANGRYearch, Searchmonkey that you can install and use in place of.

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I had no issues for over 2 years. I also have KFind - which is useful sometimes, but it is nowhere near as useful as indexing.

Also, Angrysearch at least fails to index any text…

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In my opinion, that makes the biggest difference. Setting this, along with excluding directories to index.

I also had the issue when I first installed Manjaro. Then I followed @Aragorn’s advice, and have haws absolutely no, none, 0 problems since.

I think Baloo is just misunderstood.

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I like Baloo, very useful and no issues here, including content scanning… that’s all.
Thanks for the offer (“,) but I must decline.

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