After installing 21.0 and reboot black screen

I come from Vanilla Arch and thought me I try Manjaro.
The graphical installation went through without problems, after reboot I could still enter my encryption pass. Three seconds later the screen goes black and stays that way.
If I close my laptop, wait until my computer goes into hibernate and I open it again I get to the lock screen.

I have searched quite a bit to see what the problem might be, but have not found anything.




Logs look normal. What happens if you change to a TTY with CTRL+ALT+F3? I see you want to encrypt your harddrive. Maybe try to install it unencrypted just to see if it boots up similar to the live-session.

Hi Philm,
I have tried it with other TTY, without encryption, with proprietary graphics driver and with free drivers.
I think it’s a problem with GRUB, but I don’t be familiar with GRUB. With Arch I have always used systemd-boot.

Tonight I had some time to work on Manjaro again. I realized that during the installation an old kernel was installed 5.9 or so.
So quickly switch to something up-to-date 5.11.6-1 and see my monitor no longer remains black after booting.

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