After installation Windows 11 boots instead

I checked my bios and there is no option for Manjaro Boot in Biois. That makes me think my system did not properly setup boot loader, which after all the 927 updates installed seems really odd. This is my Bios boot options.

I will likely erase this disk and start again with another OS as Manjaro does not seem at all user friendly or capable of running on a new machine. Even with proprietary Nvidia drivers loaded I get a random screen blackout for a few seconds and when mousing near edges of screen I occasionally get garbled graphics. Its a shame after all the many fixes I have tried. smh

UEFI HARD DISK DRIVE BBS PRIORITIES → get in there and put Manjaro first.

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For future readers (as the OP seems to have gone elsewhere): The screenshot shows “UEFI Hard Drive BBS Priorities”. When clicked open, probably the disk where GRUB / Manjaro is located can be selected as the first one to boot. (That is how it works on my ASUS motherboard). [oops, sort of double post]

Yes that’s what I said one post earlier.