After Installation i got 2 Manjaros in my Boot Menu

Hey i installed Manjaro yesterday and for whatever reason it appears twice in my Boot Menu (When Pressing F11). I can boot from both… and they are both inked to the same installation and the same drive. However i don’t know which one i should use to boot? Is there any difference?

Manjaro (SATA1: Samsung…)
UEFI OS (SATA1: Samsung…)

You can try to look yourself into this with maxi :wink:

You can use maxi -eg

to collect information about the boot process. This works,

  • when you are in your running system (with CTRL+ALT+F2).
  • And also in a live environment

This is normal — it looks like that on my system as well. The explanation is that one entry (“Manjaro”) is the one that will boot Manjaro when selected even if there are other operating systems on that drive, while the other entry (“UEFI OS”) is a generic UEFI boot loader, but in this case, it’s a copy of the first stage of GRUB.

You can see the distinction when looking at the files… :arrow_down:

[aragorn] >  tree /boot/efi
└── EFI
    ├── boot
    │   └── bootx64.efi     # (this is the generic UEFI boot loader)
    └── manjaro     
        └── grubx64.efi     # (this is the Manjaro-specific boot loader)

4 directories, 2 files

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