After i try Manjaro

I just only want to share my experience and my opinion for Manjaro and the community, Wiki and some other stuff :slight_smile: . So i was what's called "distro hopper" all started in 2003 (damn that's 16 years ago) with Red Hat, then i try SuSE , Debian, Slackware, Mandrake (miss that one :slight_smile: ), Fedora, Ubuntu , Mint...and so on so on, but never used Arch or Arch based distro until last year with my current laptop. I have this issue with most of the distros right now very high CPU usage (one of the core is always 100% ) i start searching for distribution that works ok with my hardware wanted to stop using my windows because i stop play games (yeah i know steam works good on linux now but back then gaming was a big mess and pain, this was the reason i keeped windows on my laptop used for movies, gaming and browsing the web just simple stuff). So past the years i try almost everything it was fun to move from one to another distro give it a try to see all kind of different stuff, amazing experience. Manjaro was one of the few i didn't try, so you know how it happens one day you just download the ISO burn it to a USB or whatever and just install it and finally this CPU problem was gone and damn it looks beautiful(KDE 4 life baby), after that i try all of the flavours GNOME, Cinammon, Mate etc... even XFCE that i never liked i found it beautiful (nothing personal to XFCE fans it is just my point of view) and come back to KDE my personal favourite. Community is great, Wiki the best i've ever seen, Software all i need for my home laptop. I want to say thanks and great job to developers, community , great job with the wiki and all the support, found solution for every problem that i faced. Keep the good work !!!

Regards, Deyan

P.S. i am sorry for my English i know that i made mistakes i try my best :slight_smile: I like to use Manjaro <3


Yeah Manjaro is my favorite too now! Im using the XFCE edition.

Good choice , this is one of the things i like in linux , there is everything for everybody, and all the people which are trying to solve other people problems. Community support help me to learn many new things