Adwaita-maia-dark for kvantum and flatpak

Is there anyway to use adwaita-maia-dark them on QT apps with kvantum and on flatpak apps? I couldn’t find it on Kvantum-Manager and on flatpak search.

You don’t need Kvantum with Adwaita themes. Let QGnomePlatform / AdwaitaQt do it’s magic. Just comment out this line in /etc/environment and reboot:


Flatpak is a different story altogether:

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Thank you for your answer. Unfortunately that method makes my QT Apps use the default blue adwaita-dark theme, and I would like do know how to make them use the Manjaro Adwaita-maia-dark theme.

Oh right, forgot about that. I like blue. :stuck_out_tongue:

Install Qt5 Settings (qt5ct) if not already installed.

Change this line in /etc/environment and keep QT_STYLE_OVERRIDE commented out. It may require a reboot to take effect.


Open Qt5 Settings and on the Appearance tab, set Style to Adwaita-Dark.

Under Palette, choose Custom and set the Color scheme to Adwaita-maia-dark.

Thank you so much. Works like a charm, just needed a quick reboot. May I suggest that Manjaro team make a Kvantum theme for Adwaita-maia and Adwaita-maia-dark and include it by default on the system? Thank you once again.

Also an unrelated question: I simply love “Gnome native Firefox theme” that has been recently included in Layouts app. Firefox is looking great!

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