Advice on cctv choices using pinebook manjaro to monitor/edit files

Before the pinebook gets here I am researching for the right hardware and software to possibly use the pinebook for live surveillance and video file editing. My search results typically address Debian issues but not ours specifically. Cctv is so up to the user’s habits, so: only a few hours of surveillance at a time needed, simultaneously live view option and recording mode option on or off. Audio video. 8mp cam minimum. Wired only. The purpose is to spot monitor street traffic and property lines. I intend to save about 10 hours of selected footage per month to upload to a free sharing platform or my own domain. What do I need to think about when chosing the client? I see Motion and iVideon talked up, but I suspect I can get by with much less complexity for my purposes, not automated, not extensive … thanks for any considerations.