Advanced power-button handling configurations

I’ve installed Manjaro on a laptop and am trying to get the power button to trigger a suspend-then-hibernate state, rather than just a suspend or hibernate state.

I realise there are options for similar things in the GUI settings manager, but the settings manager doesn’t offer suspend-then-hibernate. I’ve been googling for a couple days to try and figure out how to accomplish this, but the only results i’ve found that come close to what i want only work on gnome systems.

Does anyone have any info on where i can find power button handling configurations?


Hi @jpringle1,

Have you checked if it can be accomplished with PowerDevil:

If i’m understanding that correctly, powerdevil is already installed in plasma, and the options it provides are the ones i mentioned don’t quite offer what i need. Now i think about it, i meant to say i looked in the kde power settings, not manjaro settings.

Have you checked

This is exactly what i was looking for, thank you. Slightly annoying to find out the solution is as simple as un-commenting a single line, but oh well. Thank you!

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