Administrator password

Is It normal if I’m the user with the administration account that when It asks me the super user password It be the password of my personal account?

Yes, as you are part of the sudoers and wheel group.
There are other polkit rules that will aks for root password too, depending on what you do.

Yes, this is normal. It also took me quite a while to realize and accept this. Basically, how I figured it out for myself:

  • If you use sudo to run something, it’ll ask you for your password. It also made no sense to me at first, but that’s how it is. It can be changed, though. But that’s not default.
  • If you are running something from thee root context, I.e.: if you’ve want to entree the root context with su -, or something like that, then is asks you for the root user’s password.

And yes, even the first, or Administrator account isn’t root and will require elevation at some time.

Hope this helps to clear it up!

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Thanks all ! (but even for su clearance in console It runs with my user’s passwd, if I remember correctly …)

If your user has the same password as root, that’d be the case. And you can set in calamares, when installing Manjaro to use the same password for the user and the root account, so it might have been that.

And other users Will need the su psswd ? (I defined one in Kalamaro)

If you want to login with the root user directly or via the terminal command “su”, then it will ask for the root password.

If you want to run a command as root from an normal user, you need to use the “sudo” command and the user password. The user needs the be in the “wheel”-group use “sudo”. If you create a new user, he wont be able to use sudo, until he is part of the “wheel”-group.

How do yo mean?

If a user belongs to the wheel grroup. which is so by default AFAIK, they can use sudo and for sudo you need to enter you own password.

AFAIK any user can use su (the correct command is actually su -) to enter a root terminal environment. And for that you need the root password.

Then you get things like sudo su -, but let’s not go there…

sudo su - → You will need the user password.

No its not default for a new user. New users are not member of the wheel group. Only the initial user, you set up in the installer, is by default member of this group.

I stand, sit really, corrected. Thanks, man!


Here an example. The first output is my (initial) user. The user test, is fresh created.

sys network power lp wheel peter 

$sudo useradd test
$groups test

Well, I’m still corrected. Still sitting. So I still sit corrected. But now I’ll sit humbly corrected.


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