Administrative task password question

I am a new user, just finished first installation. I am getting really confused with the administrative tasks sometimes wanting the user password and sometimes wanting the root password. Is there a way to force all admin tasks to require the root password instead of the user password? I prefer using the user account password only for logging in.

Than you for your help!

It is possible to set them the same.

However, after becoming aware of the issue of a separate user and admin password, I made them only subtly different (i.e. something like ‘pass’ and ‘p@ss’).

It becomes second nature very quickly, but it’s also very easy to change these passwords - even if to make them the same.

Quick search, problem solved. Try it :wink:

However, you must use your password for more than simply logging in - you shouldn’t have ROOT install all your software, we use ‘sudo’ or ‘doas’ for that, with our password.

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