'Admin Access Required' Alert Message Pop-up at Startup

Full message reads:

Admin Access Required
Admin access is required to backup and restore system files.
Please re-run the application as admin (using ‘sudo’ or ‘su’)

I thought perhaps this was due to selecting “daily” on Timeshift, but I unchecked it and it is still occurring. No idea what program this message is referring to or how to find out.

I’ve looked at my startup list and there are no backup programs that I can see. Need to figure out what’s causing this. I already restored my root file system to my most recent snapshot before this message started appearing, and it is STILL popping up once logged in.

Try disabiling timeshift from startup

Belated Hello Back!

Haven’t been looking at my messages for a while and I am not sure if I read this, but I was able to fix the problem. If my feelings are correct, then your suggestion worked, or it was something as simple as that. Thank you for the reply… now on to bigger and better problems to throw at the community…