Additional software repository for Manjaro ARM (PrivacyShark)

On the previous forums a user called @ohfp posted about a repo they had created named PrivacyShark, which contains privacy oriented software that can be installed on Manjaro ARM. I’ve not seen it mentioned on new forums, so I thought I’d post about it in case anyone is after the software for their Manjaro ARM devices.

Highlights include:

  • Microsoft Teams for Linux
  • Signal Desktop
  • Ferdi Messenger
  • Hamsket
  • Jitsi Meet Desktop

A complete list of the packages available can be found here.

Instructions on how to add the repository can be found here.

The original forum post can be found here.

Please note, this repository is not mine. I have nothing to do with it and cannot vouch for any of the software contained within it. Users install at their own risk.