Additional ARM Packages

Ah… you actually patched the config.guess file.

PS: I added in some dependencies and make dependencies to the above PKGBUILD as I noted that the original PKGBUILD was a little light on requirements. Especially when cross-referenced with what Ubuntu stated was required.

I would like to see cachefilesd added to the official repo, it is in the AUR and builds for aarch64. It enables NFS caching… probably not on the greatest hits list but it enables a kernel level function.

No comment one way or the other concerning cachefilesd… am I to take it as a “its not going to happen”?

If a packager wants to include it and maintain it, it will happen. Otherwise maybe Arch Linux will include it at some point.

Is it possible for me to become a packager? I would prefer to not use AUR packages and I think this is the only package I will need from the AUR, with the possible exceptions of some MS fonts, if they prove to be required.

Why don’t you want to use AUR ? (Real question)
I use some packages from AUR and because they are too specific and working well “out of the box” I don’t need Manjaro team intervention. I consider that their resources are limited and maintaining one single package can be hard work even more so if it’s for a few people.


If I wanted to use the AUR, I would use Arch and be done with it. However, I prefer the more tested and controlled approach, as I am making an image for what eventually is to be over 200 RPi4 users. And this particular package provides a low level utility rather than an application. But I don’t think any other package will become dependent on it, so it should not be too much of an issue. :famous_last_words:

I do see your situation. However, we haven’t gotten any other requests for that package and as it is available in the AUR, there’s no need to package it for the repo.

If it was a widely used package, I would be sure it would be considered to be going into the Arch repo, and via that to our repo.

No worries, I understand. I knew it would be a long shot but to fulfill my due diligence, I needed to ask.

Create your own online repo for you custom needs.

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You knew I would be headed that way next. :slight_smile:

Is this link the best place to start?

Not sure. Take a look at pacman/Tips and tricks - ArchWiki

Ah, very good, thank you @Dulbi.

@Strit can we add the Glow CLI app into the official repos? AUR version: AUR (en) - glow.

Its a nice app for rendering markdown to the terminal…

I see it builds fine from AUR.
Is it gonna be used in Sway edition by default?

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Is this in unstable?

What are you refering to.