Adding Windows 10 as a 3rd boot option

My Laptop is partitioned for Ubuntu & Manjaro.
My wife just bought & iPad mini6 & discovered her mac is too old to support it !! So I need to install Windows to help her out with accessing iTunes.
I’ve never used windows before other than for a few minutes, but these are hard times & we do what we must.

Can I just repartition & add a 30GB area & instal win10 - is it that simple?
Will Win10 show up in the grub the same as my other systems?

I also have another 500GB internal drive for files/docs, I could place windows on that drive if its a better option.

Hello @Riquez :wink:

First of all: This is not a Windows Support Forum. That means anything unrelated to Manjaro will be closed.

  1. Add unallocated area.
  2. Install Windows on that area.
  3. Windows will create its own efi partition.
  4. Maybe it will end up with this error message:

The computer could not be prepared to start the next installation phase. Restart the installation to install Windows.

  1. Basically it means, depending on what is logged at setuperr.log, that Windows can’t find its own efi partition, because the setup assumes he is ALWAYS the only one there.
  2. You have to install the bootloader on the created efi partition yourself on the command line (cmd) of the setup disk (SHIFT+F10).
  3. Assign the letter L:\ to the efi partition with diskpart and remove this file:
cd L:\EFI\Microsoft\Boot\
del BCD

then run something like::

bcdboot C:\Windows /l en-US /s L:\ /f UEFI

I think these basic steps must be mentioned here, because the whole internet assumes Windows cannot be installed at as second or third OS, but it is possible on UEFI, although it needs little intervention. Microcheese will not like that :stuck_out_tongue:

Be aware that this is an exception now, and more specific questions about Windows will lead to closing the thread.

Grub will find other efi partitions such like the Windoze one and add them to the menu on update.

Thank you. I have no intention of asking about Windows.
I’m a little reluctant now to pursue this since your warning is quite aggressive.
I will continue my research on another forum.

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@Riquez I am sorry that an aggressive impression was left on you. There are rules in the forum and I have to follow them also. It’s the same as asking “How to install Linux” in a Windows forum, which is not appreciated there either, because it totally misses the point of the forum.

Good luck on another forum :wink:

I mark my post as solution. If you disagree, then choose another one. You are in control :slight_smile:

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