Adding support for Sony RAW images in Gwenview


I have a Sony Alpha-series digital camera, and I generate some RAW files. I would like gwenview to allow me to view these files (extension .ARW), but it seems that it doesn’t support it out of the box. Googling online, I found a reddit thread that suggested I install qt5-imageformats and kimageformats, but I already had those installed.

What’s interesting is that Dolphin is able to generate thumbnails of these RAW files, although they look identical to their acompanying JPEG… and Okular is able to open them, but Gwenview is unable to open them. Does anyone know how to add support for these files to gwenview?

According to this change for raw images you need libraw, optional dependency of kimageformats

I have that installed already as well as libkdcraw

I found these bug reports that may indicate it’s a MIME type issue, but it has been resolved as off gwenview v21 if I understand correctly. I have v22 installed.

It might be fixed in 22.12.2. I don’t see that version available yet, though.

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The problem exists for all Raw formats, Nikon,Canon,Olympus etc. Not just Sony.

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And even DNG an Open RAW-Format isn’t supported anymore. Sad thing but none was able to fix this issue for years now.

Maybe digiKam is an option?

Well, as of today, it seems that gwenview is able to view these ARW files… I am currently running version 22.12.2. I’m guessing that update fixed it.

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