Adding more than 1 drive in smb share

I have a HD attached to my netgear router with 3 partition on my HD. So far I manage to create the user/password to access the file. I can access to my 3 partition through Dolphin by "dolphin smb [ip] or through the IP address I can access a specific partition by "dolphin smb ip.

I can mount a specific partition to shares/share01 with the commande
sudo mount -t cifs /[ip]/ T_Drive |shares|share01 -o username=admin,password=password,iocharset=utf8
and I can see it in Dolphin under Network share.

Put when I want to go to the root directory like just the IP or routerlogin it does not work

I want to be able to mount and see on Dolphin/network my 3 partitions.

I know some recommended fstab but I do not want to always mount my NAS drive because my wifi sometime has a delay and I do not always want to mount it.
I also want to use user/password

I do not believe it so complicated, I believe I need some instruction and put the command line in the startup script of KDE after.

My 3 partition are named

Can someone help me out please?

Hi @Kaffka, and welcome!

I’ve read thorough your post a couple of times, and I still think I’m not understanding you.

However, I do realize there’s two ways you can mean this, so I’ll give my answer for both:

  1. You want to mount more than one share in a directory.
    Which I don’t think is possible. I think it might be possible to mount it, and it might look as if it’s working, but I think only the lat mounted share would actually be working.

  2. You want to share more than one directory as one single share.
    I have absolutely no idea if this is possible with Windoze or a NAS, and even if it was I suspect each NAS’ way to get it done would be different.
    However, I have done this in Linux before myself. I wanted a file server type of thing. To do so, you’d need aufs. It’s available in the AUR, as linux-aufs as well.
    With it you’ll be able to mount any directories at a single mountpoint, then you can use samba to share the directory.


Instead of AUFS, there’s also Ubuntu’s UnionFS. But I’ve never used it, so can’t vouch for it or help with setup, or anything like that. Mind you, my aufs share was also so long ago, that I don’t remember anything but the name…

I don’t know if it will, but I hope it helps!

Thank you for trying,

after I installed aufs, my system wouldn’t reboot.

I don’t need to share all drive as a single one, I would like to mount all the drives in smb share drive.

Sorry for the confusion.


You can use Add network folder from Dolphin, unless there is some reason why you want to use that option (It will ask for password if you reboot, so it is not saving password by default - so I guess that will solve the password requirement too)

Once again, I’m not following you. But maybe that’s just me. In fact, I suspect it is.

As @shaunakhub said, you can also mount it with Dolphin. Although that doen’t persist across reboots.

To automatically mount a SMB share on startup, the best would be to create a systemd unit. To do so, look at as well as

You can also have it mount on-demand only, which in my opinion is the best way to do a network share.

You will have to specify what you want to do. Access the address bar of dolphin then input the address for your router


Then bookmark the location → rightclick → Add to Places

Thank you linux-aarhus

it’s exactly what I was looking for. There easily accessible on demand. I forgot I could have access to the address bar