Adding links to the wiki

I already said that creating a list of apps that only work on Windows 10 was pointless. The point was to advertise the FOSS and non-FOSS software that also works on Linux. When someone boots up Linux and looks at pamac, they only see a small scope of what’s available.

But seeing as there’s already a categorised list on alternativeto .net it makes this much easier. In this case, all we need to do is mention in the link in the “Software Management / Applications” section.

The list on the (archlinux .org List_of_applications) could be… better. It looks more like programming sheet with indention than a branched list. Perhaps its just the limitations of their website. Nonetheless, it’s important to show their link as well.

I can’t actually edit the wiki myself, so I need someone to do it for me.

This restriction on pictures and links is infuriating.

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This is because you’re not active and engaged enough on the forum, this is the system Discourse uses to get rid of any typical annoyance like spam bots, troll users, and so on. Frustrating but crucial in the end. This is called Trust Level, and you require to reach Regular trust level which comes after two weeks of activity, a number of likes received/given, threads/posts read, and so on.

Ah, the concept and rules of ‘Trust Levels’ weren’t in the pinned topics that welcome new users. I thought you had to be an experienced Linux user who helped solve questions before you could post links or pictures. Turns out you just need to spend time on the site. Someone should had this link into one of those locked threads. Understanding Discourse Trust Levels