Adding Gnome 42 or 43 as an additional desktop environment

after having played around a bit with the live ISO of the current GNOME implementation, I think i’m over my long time aversion to GNOME and would like to test it on a larger scale on my computer.

I have no intentions of deleting my Manjaro XFCE, so installing fresh isn’t really my plan.

In the past I used this entry in the wiki for assistance in adding further desktop environments

But as we all can agree on that wiki entry is considerably past it’s best by date. Searching the internet and the forum didn’t result in a previous question and answer concerning this problem either.
Can somebody point me in the right direction?


pamac install gnome

There is not much else to do. Afterwards, you should probably reboot and you can select Gnome from your login screen.

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Thank you Mithrial, that worked just as you said said it would.

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