Adding char(‽) to keymap

Hi All,

Bit of an unusual one perhaps but I’ve been unable to find the answer. I’m trying to add a keybinding to get an Interrobang (‽) added.

Currently having to copy and paste it in to text 10-15 times a day and it feels quite inefficient.
I’ve looked around various forums for ways to do it but no dice as yet.
Any help much appreciated.

You can use unicode code: Ctrl+Shift+u, 203d

Or you can use compose key, the shortcut will be: Compose key, !, ?. In Plasma you can setup compose key in keyboard settings in advanced tab – you need only choose which key will be your compose.

⸘ ‽


Thanks Tomek! I’ll give the compose key option a try later and report back.
Many thanks!

Thank you Tomek. That works absolutely perfectly. I really appreciate the help.

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