Adding additional storage space to Manjaro using an additional hard drive


I am unfamiliar on the process of partitioning multiple drives on Linux.

My current setup is an SSD with Manjaro and an HDD partitioned for Windows with 512GB of free memory not in use on the HDD.

How would I go about using the leftover 512GB of free memory for increasing the storage that I have on Manjaro?

If the manjaro is on SSD, it would be a terror to have your system well stored on an SSD reading things on a / home (for example) on a mechanical HDD.

I don’t know if you understood my bad English, but it would be like putting a Volkswagen Beetle 1600 in a Maserati, understand? !!

T+ = See you later

Create a partition on the free space and format it with ext4, btrfs, xfs or some other Linux-native filesystem. Then, if you intend to use this free space for personal documents only, set up a mountpoint for it in your home directory, and add a record for this mountpoint to /etc/fstab ─ something along the lines of… :arrow_down:

UUID=some-long-string   /home/jok/extra    ext4   defaults,auto,nodev   0   0

In order to find out the UUID of the partition ─ after you’ve formatted it, of course ─ you first have to look at what partition it is ─ e.g. if the HDD is seen by the system as /dev/sdb and it’s the second partition on that drive, then it would be something like this… :arrow_down:

lsblk -o UUID /dev/sdb2

Copy that UUID string and use that in /etc/fstab.

As an aside, I don’t mean to be tooting my own horn, but as it just so happens to be, I’ve written a very extensive tutorial on working with UNIX filesystems and permissions only a few days ago. It’s a long read, but I’ve tried covering all the basics. :slight_smile:


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