Adding a "support/donate" button to the native application center

I recently read an article about free software and learnt that less than 5% free software users actually pay or donate something for the projects which leads to stagnation or death of the project due to lack of funds,
I guess it is partially because its difficult for a user to actually go and fund a project directly on there site, its just tedious for them

I feel integrating a direct donation/support button to the app center can really help developers and ensure quality products in future

i think having something like this could really help entire free software community in general

r/linux - Adding a "support/donate" button to the native application centers can greatly help increase donations to free software projects and prevent many good software from Dying

(I saw this on a video about elementary os, its really a nice concept, i think even we manjaro team should consider integrating such a feature to help developers if that’s possible )

They do their own things, hence whatever you see in their AppCenter is elementary OS related and is done by their developers.
Adding donation buttons to Pamac for each application, would mean to gather all the information from developers and their channels for donation, for applications like Blender, Krita, Gimp etc and all, in a database and link them … I don’t think that kind of work is doable at this point, unless a unified framework is written, and developers will share those donations details in a unified way.

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thanks for the info, ya i do feel the same way
but still it would be great if we could achieve this some day, it would benefit everyone :slight_smile:

Adding to what @bogdancovaciu said, it would also mean someone (probably Manjaro) would need to run the payment infrastructure. I don’t think that’s something the Manjaro Team is interested in. :wink:


well that’s true :joy:

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