Adding a change-log in the pamac updates tab

Recently I noticed a nice little feature in the Google Play Store.
In the update page, there is a drop down list alongside the newly updated applications which shows the change log of the respective application.

Would definitely like this feature to be added to the pamac updates tab.


Thanks for requesting this. Many have asked for this and other things. The more people who ask, maybe the developers will listen. Manjaro is morphing into a serious contender as Top-Dog in the Linux World. In "morphing", I mean evolving beyond a "Specialist-Distro" and becoming a NOOB-Friendly distro for all.

I would like to see such feature implemented as well. You got my vote!

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It's not a problem of developers not hearing you.
Providing a changelog for an application you're developing yourself isn't an easy task in itself let alone for some other application you have no hand in developing.
Essentially these changelogs would have to be provided by upstream and herein lies the real crux - they oftentimes aren't available in the first place.


Yes, I had assumed as much. I am thinking of a database page with all the change-logs of the applications provided by the official Manjaro repository (and other distros ). The internet is a big place, who knows if there already is one out there.

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