Add xfce4-places-plugin


xfce4-places-plugin is an official xfce plugin that give you a “quick access to folders, documents, and removable media”.
It’s very useful, and it could be nice to have it by default in Manjaro.


Yes, I use this all the time. It would be great to at least have it in the repos. Now it’s available via the AUR:


just installed this. it rules. thanks for the tip.


Anyone who would find it useful should vote for it on the AUR package page so it might be picked up by Arch, and so benefit everyone instead of only Manjaro users. :wink:

If it’s not picked up then I suppose we could add it to Manjaro’s [community] repo - which of the @Manjaro-Team use Xfce and might want to maintain this?


look at palemoon and xfce4-places-plugin on AUR: thet have lors of votes, and they’re still on AUR.
I personally never understand the criterias that Arch devs use to add a package from AUR to the officials repos.

Considering the recent case of malaware founded on AUR, I hope that some package with high rate will be added on Arch’s repos by devs.

EDIT: there are AUR package with more than 2000 votes that are still on AUR and not on Arch’s repos.
Arch devs simply don’t care about how many votes a package have, in my opinion.


For the 2 packages with more then 2000 is easy to spot, one is an AUR helper while dropbox is a program that ungracefully update itself in a home subfolder

Likely you will not see any AUR helper moved and rarely some proprietary programs depending on the license

Packaging require workforce efforts anyway


In the case of palemoon those folks dont want anyone redistributing their software.
Like at all. Ever. We’ve dealt with it, BSD has dealt with it. I’m frankly somewhat amazed they havent tried to play lawyer with the AUR package yet.