Add Xerox Workcentre 3025 driver to the driver database

The driver: Drivers & Downloads - WorkCentre 3025 - Linux - Xerox

It’s already there:

AUR (en) - cups-xerox-workcentre-3025

Not sure if this works flawlessly (because of the comment below it)
but it uses and installs that driver.

It doesn’t work. I had to install the driver from the support page. This is why would it be better to integrate with the installation already

That’s a bummer.
It’s also pretty much as vague as it gets. :wink:

As already said - that package uses the very same driver that you get from that support page.

Neither Arch nor Manjaro are involved in what printers are supported by CUPS. See how to contribute.

The AUR package probably isn’t working because it installs the PPD as a Gzipped archive. Let the AUR maintainer know that’s not working.


I didn’t look that closely at the PKGBUILD.

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Agh Linux distros are such a mess like they rely on 3rd party components :frowning: I know this can be good but aaagh

I contacted them but they said they aren’t responsible for this
Please Manjaro devs forward this driver to the driver database’s maintaners!!!

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Hello. So after time, I asked Cups devs, and everyone, but I did not figure out where to report this to actually get the driver in Manjaro, this is why I am reporting this here again.

The AUR driver is corrupted, and does NOT work with the printer!

The driver: Drivers & Downloads - WorkCentre 3025 - Linux - Xerox

Have you seen this this topic:

Yes, this is not my problem. If I use the driver from the AUR, it doesn’t print anything. Also, in the CUPS database, there’s no such thing like Xerox Workcentre 3025. I needed to install the driver from the developers’ webpage with a bash script, while I was a noob, and for me back then, it was a pain in the *ss, so this is why I want the driver to be in automatically, like many other printer drivers do.

And just to verify you used this driver? AUR (en) - xerox-phaser-3020

@GMate8 Nothing has changed since your original post, I’ve merged the duplicate back here. The solution is the same as you still have not contacted the AUR maintainer. Complaining here will not help. This post will remain closed.