Add the option to see when the original post of a topic was made

In the forums, I like to check in and see if there are any new stable update pushes. I sometimes see these announcement posts at the top of the “recents” pane though the announcement is old. I noticed that these posts are launched to the top because of the default “Sort by Activity” option. Adding a detail column that tells when the original post was without entering each topic will make browsing the forum for newer topics faster and easier.

Unneeded in my opinion. Announcement posts have date in title. You can easily check date when you hover mouse. And for new topics you have new category – you can set details in preferences.


What @Tomek said or use the #announcements category as your Manjaro home page…

Would the user forum Preference > Categories >Watching First Post and selecting “Announcements Stable Updates” help @LionsSharks15 achieve his goal.

It says,

You will be notified of the first post in each new topic in these categories.

In an Announcement Category, the first post/topic will be from Manjaro Team.

Also, these forums have RSS feeds: